Day 12: Vaccination, information gaps, and the mess that is politics

This is an update to a previous post because I found out I missed out something in this section.

To whoever is reading this, I've just realized that it's not exactly feasible for me to do literal daily journals, but I will try to post semi-frequently since I've just found out N is checking in my blog from time to time, and I think that alone is enough of a drive for me to keep typing.

I'm also going to try add an actual title just for the sake of being able to keep track of what I've written, but that is not a guarantee for all the blog posts I'll be posting in the future.

So, I will be getting my vaccination tomorrow, but there is a good chance that it will be Sinovac vaccines instead of Pfizer's, and I don't like it.

Some of you might be aware that Sinovac vaccines are less effective against COVID-19, especially the Delta variant, compared to Pfizer vaccines, and that is one major reason why I prefer Pfizer's over any other available options. The biggest reason, though, has more to do with politics than you might realize.

As it turns out, virtually no countries outside mainland China are willing to let people who are vaccinated with Sinovac's in. To be fair, the scarcity of the data from Sinovac would surely rouse some eyes, and there are at least quite a few countries mass-deploying Sinovac vaccines that have come back to haunt them due to the Delta variant. But, because of how incompetent the PN administration here is with their jobs, virtually everything about JKJAV (our national vaccination committee) is opaque to the point where you won't even be informed of what vaccines you will get till you arrive in one of the vaccination centers, let alone being able to pick what you want. With cases here continuously rising to a new high in my state, inadequate vaccine supply, and an indefinite nationwide lockdown that is literally killing of people and their livelihoods because of PN's malicious incompetence, calling it a mess wouldn't even begin to describe what is happening in Malaysia.

Now, my family and I are rather well off enough to be able to get through the lockdowns, but I'd be lying if I don't feel guilty about seeing my fellow rakyats ( suffer through the consequences of a lockdown with hypocritical SOPs, namely forcing the SMEs to close while keeping the factories running, which makes up our bulk of daily COVID-19 cases lately. I've donated whatever money I could spare according to my budgets for now, but I feel like I could do more than that. Unfortunately, I do not feel safe joining in a protest should it ever happen, because I live in rural Selangor, where it's easier for PDRM ("Polis Di-Raja Malaysia" / Malaysian Royal Police) to pinpoint me and arrest me under the sedition act. That, alongside other major reasons, including my sexuality in combination with PN's ethno-religious ideologies, push me to want to get out of the country ASAP. This is where the vaccination comes in.

You see, as of currently I can travel to most countries, including Australia (without taking their border lockdowns into consider), if I am vaccinated with Pfizer's. This is the biggest reason why I want Pfizer's over Sinovac's. I will try to call JKJAV's hotline later at 7am, then try to ask whoever's behind the registration desk in my venue hours later for my appointment, about whether I can reschedule to get Pfizer's instead, since apparently that is a thing which you can do.

For some reasons, I was assigned to a vaccination centre that is literally twice as far as the ones my parents went to yesterday (where they actually did get Pfizer despite not wanting to), in a Chinese-majority town where there's higher preferences for Sinovac vaccines (you should have known by ethnicity if you visited my personal website homepage), compared to the rest of my district. I've thought of any reasons why this could happen, including comorbidites, age, location etc. and none of them tells me why I am getting Sinovac's instead of Pfizer's. In the end, I can only conclude that some corruptions and connections with insiders are involved, which explains why I've seen news of people selling guaranteed vaccination spots online lately or getting vaccinated earlier through backdoor connections. Probably explains why rescheduling might works too.

To be clear, I'm not suggesting that I don't want Sinovac vaccines at all, or that they are unsafe. They are definitely safe; they are quite literally just inactivated viruses, a centuries-old type of vaccines which has been and still will be used everywhere. But, if there is a chance that I could get Pfizer instead, I will try out every legal way of getting my arm injected with those. If not, though, I am willing to just take Sinovac's as the last resort. As ineffective as Sinovac vaccines are against Delta variant, which is growing increasingly common, it's better to be vaccinated rather than risk dying because of it.

Maybe, just maybe, this stupid government will offer us (fifth and sixth form) exam-years students guaranteed Pfizer vaccines or even booster shots, since they said they will expedite our vaccination starting this month. Maybe the rescheduling will work. Maybe even by the time I arrive to my venue tomorrow, they will be injecting Pfizer shots instead of Sinovac shots today, according to what my aunt has researched on Facebook, which is quite commonly used around here, even if I don't personally use it for more than a decade at this point. It doesn't help that just 2 days ago, the MP of where my venue is located in tweeted something about vaccinating people with Pfizer shots in the exact same venue. Do you see why I am so confused about it now?

Oh well, whatever it will be, I should be prepared for them tomorrow by taking naps 'cus I am yet to un-fuck my sleep schedule. Good night.

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