Day 11


I just woke up from a nap, but I am not even sure if I should classify what I dreamt as a nightmare or not.

For whatever reasons, it began as a movie about a Chinese exorcist kind of nuclear family. The dad and the elder brother were apparently out of the house to save the world or something. I know, sounds incredibly cheesy. That just leaves us with the mom and the daughter. I am the latter.

For whatever reasons, the daughter decided to back up her phone on a computer, probably has something to do with saving somebody, was on the talks with somebody else online, then heard something along the lines of "mercury touching anywhere above your nose instantly kills you". For whatever reasons again, the daughter somehow has mercury, then proceeded to basically commit suicide by dropping a dip of mercury into her head.

For a while, the whole thing went completely pitch black for me. Remember, I was the daughter. I felt myself trying to move but couldn't. It's almost literally like my usual sleep paralysis when it happens, usually with my eyes closed, cause I couldn't move my eyelids during sleep paralysis.

That's literally one of my biggest fears with my death phobia; being consciously aware and trapped in your cold, dead body, not being able to breathe and all that. It's being reflected back into my dream out of nowhere, and I don't really know how to process it.

Fortunately, either the daughter gained her senses back by being alive or by being a ghost, or a scene switch happened. I'm not sure what happened next aside from it being like a thriller movie's trailer, but I woke right up afterwards.

I still don't know what to make do of the dream to be honest.

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