Day 9/10

Decided to combine two days into one blog article since there's really nothing eventful going on, and it's very fragmented.

My god, maths is getting a bit too overwhelming for me to go through, I really could use something more digestible in the meantime.

I just realized that I don't really feel as anxious at the same period of day as the past few days anymore.

I'll admit, my mind has wandered through being-blocked stuff mentioned at day 7, and I did feel a tiny bit anxious and was on the verge of overthinking, but whenever that happened I managed to talk myself out of it, reinforced by the fact that N is talking with me more often.

I am mad, really mad at the PN administration right now.

I should ask about my parents or my grandma about our lineage from China to Malaysia. I don't actually know which generation am I Malaysian-wise. Who knows? Could be fun to listen to.

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