Day 5

I finally broke away from my social break after finding out that N was in distress, and I am very much glad that I did.

We ended up opening up ourselves to each others and talked a lot, with me doing the best I could to help him through and I'm actually feeling pretty happy and relieved. With him opening up to me on what he's dealing with, I now know exactly what to look up for to do more research for it and use that to help N as much as I could, as well as deciding what's appropriate to do the next time the scenarios he mentioned to me happens.

On top of all that, I've already achieved my goals as mentioned in day 4 post, I never thought I'd feel clarified this soon in my break to be honest, although I vaguely remember that it might have happened before. The details are pretty much on the day 4 post if you stumble across this and wants to read up.

I managed to catch up with most of the folks in r/Malaysia Discord, i.e. my primary social group, to the usual shenanigans like we always used to and will still do.

I'm genuinely so happy today that I don't really know what else to talk about. Hell, even my foot's pain is starting to subsidize from what I suspected was an infection on one of my eczema wounds two days ago. Really, I think the only low point of today would be the fact that my family's cooking up the same stuff as always ever since another COVID-19 lockdown started, but that's very minor and plus, I could just cook up my own stuff, which I did this evening.

I just really hope that moments like these can last longer than usual, and I have hope that it will.

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